World of Warcraft developer praises Call of Duty's customisation

2 World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft director Tom Chilton has been talking about the mega-MMO at GDC, and has cited an unlikely title to praise: Call of Duty.

Talking about Cataclysm's Talent system, he cites it as a choice that works well for WoW, but "not as well as we intended it to when we made it.

"Are there better [choice] systems out there? In my opinion, yes," said Chilton. "A good example is Modern Warfare 2. You're not throwing as much stuff at a player. It's a very constrained set of choices, but it's much easier for players to see what their options are. You don't see a wall of text on their icons.

"This to me seems like a more intelligent choice system. Everybody seems to have very different build. Everyone seems to think their build is the best. At the end of the day, players are using a huge spectrum of different specs and choices. This system panned out better than the talent system worked out."