World of Project Tanks? Wargaming files lawsuit against "disturbingly similar" tank game

World of Tanks creator has filed a legal complaint against Project Tank , a browser-based multiplayer tank game being developed by Chinese developers Gamease and Changyou.

As reported by Polygon , Wargaming's lawsuit alleges that Project Tank, which is also called Ground War Tanks, is not only “disturbingly similar” in concept and design, but it also uses original assets and design decisions not based in the real life history of World War 2-era armored warfare.

"Copying is evidenced by the fact that the designers of Project Tank copied historical inaccuracies found in WoT...” the complaint states. “Copying is further evidenced by the fact that the designers of Project Tank copied tanks from WoT that never existed in real life, and which included features original to WoT."

For their part, Project Tank's developers deny copying World of Tanks' assets, writing “ recently launched a series of underhand [sic] actions against Project Tank, including using their connections to shut down our facebook page.” Their Facebook page is indeed offline. “We feel truly shocked and bullied by Wargaming,” the developers continue.

Legalese and accusations of “sabotage” aside, what evidence do we really have at this point? The best I could find is some gameplay footage from Project Tank on YouTube. I compared it to video from World of Tanks developers and users and combined some screengrabs below.

Project Tank images from this video . World of Tanks images from here and here .