Wolcen Studio prioritizes bug fixing and stability over new content

(Image credit: Wolcen Studio)

Fraser Brown summed up action-RPG Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem with the words  "As bloody as it is buggy" in his review, noting problems like "Dungeon entrances not working, my inventory freezing, my character vanishing" among others. Since its launch Wolcen Studio have been patching the game, fixing various broken skills and other problems. Now the developers have announced that they're going to prioritize "bug fixing, game stabilization, quality of life, and recruitment" over the creation of new content.

In a blog post that discusses the future of Wolcen, they lay out "Operation: Second Dawn". While previously they'd planned to have league content and a new story chapter as a high priority, that's been dropped down the list. Changes in the works include an option to rebind left-click, as well as "a Gate of Fates search function, ailment stack numbers on monsters, a new quest reward system to avoid having a window in the middle of your screen when you receive your reward" and also changes to skills that will focus on buffing the ones being used least.

Improved server responsiveness and improvements to Chapter 3 of the story are on the way as well. An external QA team are helping out, and patch 1.0.10 should arrive soon.

For more information, see the full blog post.

Jody Macgregor
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