Witchmarsh reaches its Kickstarter target, sets sights on stretch goals

The gorgeous looking Witchmarsh has worked its 1920s rural magic, charming enough Kickstarter backers to secure the £50,000 it needed to raise . Which isn't to say the developers aren't hoping that the promise of a side-scrolling ARPG mystery can't attract more funds. Inglenook say their "dream target" is £160,000, and so naturally they have some stretch goals prepared.

Here's what the team are potentially offering:

  • £70k - Alternate Character Perk + Hardcore Mode

  • £90k - New Investigator: The Alchemist

  • £120k - Freelancer Mode

  • £130k - Additional Artist

  • £145k - Bonus tracks

  • £150k - New Area: The Brackish Abyss

  • £175k - More Content

The big total seems like quite a stretch given that there are 17 days left in the campaign, but, as the Kickstarter goes on, new updates are revealing some interesting plans. In one, the developers explain the thinking behind their self-made comparisons to Wizardry and Baldur's Gate:

"Like in Wizardry, you'll create your own team using a combination of Character types, Skill Points, Abilities, and Attributes. Then you'll lead them into the game world, doing battle, talking to NPCs and further configuring them as you level up.

"As with Baldur's Gate, there will be branching dialogue, factions to side with and unique in-game events depending on how you've constructed your party. If you walk into a certain area with an Innkeeper for example, a series of events may trigger which relate to her storyline."

It's sounding pretty promising, but it's looking even better. As such, let's finish with a selection of screenshots from a game not due until late 2015.

Phil Savage

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