Witcher 2 REDkit mod tutorials begin to surface

If you give PC gamers a chance, you'll see some special things happen. The deep and fascinating community that operates behind the Witcher 2 has begun to assemble and release tutorials for the REDkit mod tool set that recently entered its public beta phase.

The video tutorials are the work of Philipp "Benzenzimmern" Weber, the winner of the closed beta's best mod competition, and another man who works under the handle Klabautermann. So far their work focuses on story/quest creation and world building, but the videos are also a helpful look at how two experienced modders navigate the software itself, which can be intimidating to someone with little or no experience in mod creation.

Benzenzimmern's videos include English language captions, but when viewing Klabautermann's tutorial, be sure to activate the English subtitles feature inside the YouTube player under closed captioning. In addition, Witcher developer CD Projekt RED has also released its own basic English-language text guide to its mod tools, available here , and of course there is the official Wiki .

While the Witcher 2 is well-known for its incredible visuals, dark story, and comically strange characters , I was always fascinated by the sartorial side of the 2011 RPG. I would wander through the game world, finish every quest, and speak with every NPC, always with the hope that I might be able to find the perfect looking, and yet still incredibly effective, leather jacket. Maybe someday I'll get to fashion my own set of armor for Geralt that feels as ready for the circus as the battlefield.

You'll find Part 1 of Benzenzimmern's story-crafting video below. The image above is from Benzenzimmern's Lykaon mod via redkit.cdprojektred.com