Windows 11 Insider patch fixes major AMD Ryzen bug

AMD Ryzen 5000 Series CPU
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Microsoft released a patch for Windows 11 build for Windows Insiders that addresses several issues, most notably the L3 caching issue that reportedly hampered the performance of certain AMD Ryzens processors after upgrading to Windows 11. This caching issue causes up to a 15% performance drop-off when playing games.  

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AMD and Microsoft have said that the two bugs for Ryzen chips linked to Windows 11 installation were resolved, and fixes were coming sometime next week. The news comes after the first official Windows 11 Update did not address the Ryzen bugs, making some AMD users understandably nervous. 

AMD took to Reddit to assure users that fixes were on the way. If the fix is rolling out for Insiders, this hopefully means everything is on track for next week's update. Testing saw a functional L3 latency nearly triple which had an adverse effect on any apps that relied on memory and cache latency, like games, as soon as they made the move to Windows 11.  

Ryzen patch notes for Windows 11 Insider Build

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We are still checking to see if the CPPC (Preferred Core) bug would be getting a similar Insider release, but nothing has been announced at the time of this article. The bug in question prevents users from being able to install (?) apps to the fastest core on the chip (or your preferred core, get it?), which also caused some performance issues. 

You can download and install the latest Windows 11 build under the usual Windows Update options if you're currently a Windows Insider. If you are still on the fence about making the move to Windows 11, take a look at our review before you decide to take the plunge and upgrading from Windows 10. 

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