Windows 10 Sun Valley update will start to get rid of the bloatware

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Microsoft's next major Windows 10 update, codenamed Sun Valley, will start to get rid of those pesky unwanted apps that always find their way onto a fresh Windows installation.

Anyone who builds a new system, or buys a new gaming PC, will understand the annoyance and frustration of seeing a bunch of apps on your desktop that you don't want and/or care about. 

3D Paint

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The new Sun Valley update for Windows 10 coming later this year is looking to make our lives a little easier by getting rid of those low usage apps from our precious machines. 

According to the latest Insider Preview release notes (via Windows Latest), 3D Viewer and Paint 3D will no longer be pre-installed on clean installs of Windows (along with the '3D Objects' folder). Both apps skew towards creators such as 3D artists, which you can imagine does not apply to the broader Windows 10 userbase. 

Also, say goodbye to Math Input Panel, an app I never knew existed before writing this article. It's a program that lets you write formulas and put them into documents using input tools like a stylus. Apparently. 

While these apps won't be on your PC after a clean install in the future, you can still download them from the Windows Store, and Windows won't delete them if you're simply running an in situ update rather than coming at it fresh. So, 3D artists shouldn't worry; the apps are still being supported, for now. Trust me, I'm still reeling from the loss of Windows Movie Maker (RIP). 

3D Viewer

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Depending on the OEM, some new systems can be rotten with a bunch of bloatware which can slow down start-up times, or even use up precious CPU usage. Sadly that's not going away, but it's good to see Microsoft taking steps in that direction itself. 

The Sun Valley update, for its part, is on track to be the most significant overhaul of Windows 10 since launch when it releases this fall. On top of getting rid of some bloatware, Windows 10 will be seeing per-app multiple GPU management, new design, and a Windows 10x-based Action Center, just to start. 

Windows Insiders should see these updates coming and going in their preview builds as Microsoft tests them out on the public ahead of the final release. 

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