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Windows 10 leaked build reveals new Xbox app


A early build of Windows 10—Microsoft's unconventional name for Windows 9—has leaked. In doing so, it's revealed a new "Xbox app" planned for the OS.

The Verge has been having a play about with it. Here are a couple of screenshots:

Windows1099013 1020.0

Windows1099012 1020.0

According to The Verge, the app is a window into the "entire Xbox ecosystem"—achievements, friends lists, activity feeds, etc.

Is this what Microsoft's Phil Spencer was referring to last week, when he said it was "time for us to talk about gaming on Windows"? If nothing else, it would be the perfect culmination of Microsoft's attitude towards PC gaming if, for them, "gaming on Windows" meant an app that tells you what's happening on Xbox. Hopefully they have something more substantial planned.

Also in the Windows 10 build was Cortana—Microsoft's answer to Siri. Think of her as a 21st century Clippy. She's also the AI from Halo, because Microsoft are nothing if not effective at relentlessly re-appropriating their brands in awful, cringe-inducing ways.

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