Microsoft's Xbox boss says it's time to "talk about gaming on Windows"

Dark Souls vs Games for Windows Live

Microsoft's history of supporting gaming on Windows is what you might call "spotty." At this point it's not even clear what it plans to do with Games for Windows Live, which earlier this year the company said it would continue to support, mere days before it was expected to be shut down. But it's not giving up! In fact, Phil Spencer, the head of Microsoft's Xbox division, said we're going to be hearing more about the company's plans for Windows gaming early next year.

In response to an inquiry on Twitter about seeing footage of the Windows 10 UI on the Xbox One, Spencer wrote, "I'll be focusing more on what we are doing on Win10 in January, it's time for us to talk about gaming on Windows."

It's expected that Spencer will talk about gaming at a recently-announced event being held on January 21, where he and other Microsoft executives will discuss the "Windows 10 consumer experience." That experience will rely largely on the capabilities of DirectX 12, which promises a significant performance increase over DirectX 11, but he'll hopefully address more gaming-specific topics as well—like, maybe, what's actually going on with Games for Windows Live.

Andy Chalk

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