WIN one of 100 Tribes: Ascend closed beta keys!


Shaz-to-the-bot. That's the proper response when you've just been admitted to the highly-anticipated Tribes: Ascend beta from Hi-Rez Studios. We're giving away a whopping 100 keys to our lucky fans so you can get the jump on the competition and find the best flag-snatching routes and sniping spots in the premier jetpack FPS. Want to know how to win early-access to the Spinfusor battleground of your dreams? You're only a click away.

How to (maybe) win:

We'll randomly select 100 lucky winners (from anywhere in the world—the beta keys aren't region-locked) to join us in the Tribes beta, so we can collectively weep glorious nostalgia-tears while mid-air fragging left and right. We'll be picking and notifying the new recruits this Friday, October 28, so get to it! Those blue plasma-discs won't launch themselves, you know.

*May not contain actual wonder. There is a sharp Tribes: Ascend GameView of the map Drydock that you can explore, though.

Evan Lahti
Global Editor-in-Chief

Evan's a hardcore FPS enthusiast who joined PC Gamer in 2008. After an era spent publishing reviews, news, and cover features, he now oversees editorial operations for PC Gamer worldwide, including setting policy, training, and editing stories written by the wider team. His most-played FPSes are CS:GO, Team Fortress 2, Team Fortress Classic, Rainbow Six Siege, and Arma 2. His first multiplayer FPS was Quake 2, played on serial LAN in his uncle's basement, the ideal conditions for instilling a lifelong fondness for fragging. Evan also leads production of the PC Gaming Show, the annual E3 showcase event dedicated to PC gaming.