Win every past and future Valve game

Imagine never paying for a Valve game ever again. That's exactly what you could win if you enter the competition featured in this month's UK edition of PC Gamer . We're giving away ten exclusive Steam accounts that could make such fevered madness a reality by not only gifting you every Valve game made so far, but eventually Half-Life 3, Team Fortress 5 and Portal 7.

Further still, five of the ten lucky winners will receive a plushie Boomer, complete with realistic vomiting noises. That doesn't sound great, but it is!

To have a chance of winning, we want you to dig out and send us proof of the worst games you've ever bought. Did you buy Toilet Tycoon? Do you own a chair sitting simulator? Then we want to see it. Flip to page 75 in Issue 217 for more information. Sadly, entries are limited to UK readers only.

Don't already have the issue? You can buy and subscribe to PC Gamer Issue 217 online.


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