Win a state of the art ASUS Z77 series motherboard

ASUS competition

Asus have just released their Z77 series of motherboards, and they're giving a bunch away to celebrate. You stand a chance to win one of three varieties. The first prize is the ROG Maximus V Gene, is a high performance gaming board, an ideal basis for a top tier gaming rig.

The second and third prizes are hardly bad either. Prize number two, the Sabretooth Z77 boats "precision cooling" and "tactical armour," which sounds like a sensible thing to strap to your chest in the middle of a firefight. It's the thermal dispersion system inside the armour that'll really count, though. ASUS claim it's one of "the most resilient and reliable motherboards ever created." If you win, you'll be able to put that to the test with a hammer*.

The P8Z77-V Deluxe is the third prize. Not only is it bright blue, but it comes with SSD caching and enough USB ports to power a small factory. Head over to the ASUS UK Facebook page and answer the question there for your chance to win. Also, bear in mind that this competition is only open to UK residents.

Tom Senior

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