Will The Division 2 have a battle royale mode? 'Nope,' says Ubisoft

At a pre-E3 meeting about The Division 2 I spoke with Ubisoft's associate creative director Chadi El Zibaoui. And I had a question.

"I just have to ask. Battle Royale?"

"Battle royale? Nope," said El Zibaoui. "Not in the Division 2."

"We're really focusing on polishing the fully fleshed experience," he told me, "both for the campaign and the end game, and at launch we're making sure that we deliver a wide range of activities for all types of players. But that doesn't include battle royale."

In an industry increasingly dominated by battle royale, and with new battle royale modes and games being announced nearly every week, it's honestly a bit refreshing to get confirmation that The Division 2 simply isn't going there.

Also revealed at E3: The Division 2 will have 8-player raids and free expansions every three months.

Christopher Livingston
Senior Editor

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