Wildstar's CREDD Exchange launches, allowing players to buy extra time with in-game cash

The process of reviewing Wildstar was a bit like that scene from A Clockwork Orange. After finishing our review , I decided to take a little break. And also, to watch E3, which... you guessed it . That's why I'm only just finding out that the CREDD Exchange has launched, answering one of its still lingering mysteries. Through it, we get an idea of how much work it'll take to earn a month's subscription in-game. The answer, it seems, is quite a lot.

What is CREDD? Much like EVE's Plex, it's a currency available for real-world money that, when consumed, provides its owner with 30 days of game time. In addition, it can be traded to other players via the Exchange, giving them a chance to earn their next month via the money they've earned in-game.

Currently, that money is between three and four Platinum coins—around 300-400 gold. My character, right now, is carrying around 50 gold—having happily purchased a mount and various bits of housing stuff. In this way, CREDD seems more effective as an late-end game system. If you're doing its most profitable activities, it'll probably be easy enough to fund in-game. That said, expect the price to rise as more people reach Level 50, and more money is going into players' pockets.

CREDD can now be purchased from the Wildstar shop for £12.

However you acquire it, the site contains a warning to use it before a lengthy inactive period. Unused CREDD will expire on an account that is without an active subscription for three months.

Phil Savage

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