Wildstar release date announced, will go live this Summer

Barbecues? Picnics? Eating your own body weight in ice cream? You may want to clear it all from your Summer schedule. If Wildstar turns out to be the next big MMO, the warmest months will instead be spent sitting in a dark room, illuminated by the colourful glow of its cartoon world. Developers Carbine Studios have today announced that the game will release all around the world on June 3rd. Well, it's not like anyone really needs vitamin D.

Naturally, the release date announcement was accompanied by the pre-order bonuses Carbine have planned. They're rounded up here in video form.

To summarise, pre-orderers will be eligible for all upcoming beta weekends, receive full access to the game three days before launch, and be given some extra digital goodies, like an exclusive Rocket House. They'll also get to experience the thrill of gambling their money on whether the game will be any good or not. Exciting!

Putting aside my reservations about the pre-order model in general, it seems a relatively descent spread of goodies that don't punish people who decide to wait. Interested buyers will be able to secure the game when pre-orders begin next week, March 19th.

You can read my impressions of Wildstar's Adventure mode here , and Chris's overall impressions here .

Phil Savage

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