We want to hear your best PC building tips and tricks!

Build Week lead

Are you an expert PC builder who can handle a motherboard like Freeman handles a crowbar? Are you new rig-builder who's learned some lessons the hard way? Either way, it's Build Week, and we want to hear the best tips and tricks you've got for assembling a collection of parts into a working PC.

If there's something you wish you knew when you first started out, or a mistake you see even experienced builders make, we want to hear about it in the comments below. Any advice that would help your fellow PC builders is welcome. Upvote the best tips you see from other commenters, and we'll pick out our favorites and feature them in an article later this week.

Keep on eye on the site all week for build guides, hardware advice, and lots more.

Tom Marks
Tom is PC Gamer’s Associate Editor. He enjoys platformers, puzzles and puzzle-platformers. He also enjoys talking about PC games, which he now no longer does alone. Tune in every Wednesday at 1pm Pacific on Twitch.tv/pcgamer to see Tom host The PC Gamer Show.