We have three new cards from the Shadowverse: Starforged Legends expansion to show you

If you've found the current state of Hearthstone to be a little stale, you should consider trying Shadowverse. We recently ranked it as one of the nine best digital CCGs that aren't Hearthstone, and while it bears some similarities, "it stands out in its own ways," particularly through an "Evolve" mechanic that gives players the ability to buff and transform their cards. The, let's say somewhat excitable, anime art won't be for everyone, but look past all that embonpoint and there's a very solid card battler here.

Shadowverse's sixth card set, called Starforged Legends, is on the way, and we've been given an exclusive look at three of the new ones right here. We'll leave assessing their power to the experts, but the Dolorblade Demon looks to be pick of the litter: It's a Forestcraft-class card, 5/5 unevolved and 7/7 evolved, that deals one point of damage to all enemy followers. 

The Swordcraft-class spell card Round Table Assembly puts two random three-point Commanders from your deck into play.   

And finally, Star Priestess, a 2/3 unevolved, 4/5 evolved Havencraft card that destroys and allied follower or Countdown amulet and then returns it to play.

Of course, your mileage may vary: Feel free to let us know which of these cards (if any) will fit your deck.

Starforged Legends adds 104 new cards to the game on September 28. "This time the adventure takes place in the final frontier—space," developer Cygames said. "Enlist the power of celestial heroes, participate in conflicts of cosmic proportion, and forge your myth among the stars!"

In case you're not convinced, here's a trailer.

Andy Chalk

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