Waves: Arena Tactics is now on Kickstarter; £30,000 goal for the top-down shooter sequel

I'm normally immune to the draw of competitive leaderboard chasing. Waves was one of the few that penetrated my usually pacifist shell, leading to a few weeks of intense competition among friends. It was an elegantly designed twin-stick arena shooter, in which increasing your combo gave a temporary bomb power-up that would further increase your combo, thus granting more bombs, thus further increasing your combo, and so on.

Now, one-man outfit Squid In A Box has released a Kickstarter for the sequel, titled Waves: Arena Tactics. Rather than a simple score attack, this time the game will support custom loadouts and procedural levels, giving a sense of progression, exploration and build tailoring to the experience. The Kickstarter campaign is looking to raise £30,000 in 22 days.

The game has already been in development for two years, with much of the game already playable in online or offline modes. Here's what Squid In A Box, aka Robert Hale, has already achieved:

  • Procedural Arena Generation

  • Inventory and Equipment System

  • Modular Weapons, Buffs and Debuffs system

  • All new AI interface

  • Online Multiplayer Integrated with Steamworks

  • Ten Unique Weapons

  • Five Super Weapons

  • Eight Support Items

  • Ten Single Player Arenas

  • Eight Enemies

And the hoped for £30,000? Here's what it will help to achieve:

  • Soundtrack by Robert Stjärnström of Machinae Supremacy

  • Five Singleplayer Game Modes

  • Five Competitive multiplayer Game Modes

  • Two Co-Operative mulitplayer Game Modes

  • Seven New Enemies

  • Dozens of Upgrades

  • New GUI

  • New Arena and Enemy Art

  • Multiplayer Arenas

  • Testing and Balancing and Testing and Balancing

As always with Kickstarter, there are a list of potential backer rewards, with game access costing £10, and beta access available for £35.

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Phil Savage

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