Watch us cook an egg on an Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti

VIDEO: The egg-cooking in action.

We all know our PCs can get pretty toasty during intense gaming sessions. So why not put some of that excess heat to good use?

While recently testing an absolute beast of a system, I noticed it was pouring out quite a bit of warmth. The system is equipped with a pair of GTX 1080 Ti GPUs in SLI, and we pushed the duo to the limit with some 4K ultra gameplay.  During those tests (The Witcher 3, of course), we measured a surface temperature of just north of 80C on top of the GPU. That's within normal range, of course, but we had to ask: could it cook an egg?

The answer is yes. It took about an hour, but our chicken dinner was a winner. So next time your stove is broken, just know you can always cook your breakfast inside your PC. You've had eggs over-easy. This is eggs over-clocked.

This article was originally published November 2017.

Bo Moore

As the former head of PC Gamer's hardware coverage, Bo was in charge of helping readers better understand and use PC hardware. He also headed up the buying guides, picking the best peripherals and components to spend your hard-earned money on. He can usually be found playing Overwatch, Apex Legends, or more likely, with his cats. He is now IGN's resident tech editor and PC hardware expert.