Watch the Doom: Unto the Evil trailer that didn't quite play during QuakeCon

If you were glued to the QuakeCon 2016 “Welcome” stream on Twitch, then odds are you saw the very tail-end of the teaser for the new Doom multiplayer DLC Unto the Evil. Don't feel bad about missing it, though, because so did everyone else.   

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But we've got you covered: Bethesda posted the trailer to its YouTube channel, and now it's embedded here, for your demon-ogling delight. Unto the Evil was teased in the announcement of last week's free update, but this trailer focuses solely on the DLC, which includes three maps, an EMG Pistol and motion-activated Kinetic Mine, and the pièce de résistance, a new demon called The Harvester. 

Doom: Unto the Evil is available now on Steam, and will set you back $15/£12.    

Andy Chalk

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