Watch Rainbow Six Siege's three new operators in action

Ubisoft has revealed new details and footage of the three operators coming to Rainbow Six Siege in the upcoming Blood Orchid update, due September 5. By the looks of it, all three are going to have powerful gadgets that are a tonne of fun to use, and should add some extra depth to the already excellent tactical shooter.

There's footage of all three in action at the bottom of the story, but let's run through them all (and their gadgets) in turn first, starting with new attack operator Ying. Her gadget is Candela, a trio of flash grenades that you can deploy in a variety of ways. You can simply toss it into a room and hope for the best (Ying wears special glasses so she's not affected), or you can roll them under barricades. 

They can be cooked if you're looking for extra precision, and if you deploy them on a breach-able surface they'll flash through to the other side. Basically, they'll be useful in any situation.

Next up is Lesion, a defensive expert that can lay down practically invisible poison traps. These mines hurt any enemy that walks over them over time and add a visual distortion effect (for the poison, see). Enemies can yank the traps out of their feet to mitigate the effect but that takes time. And because Lesion can see when one is triggered, he has a chance to kill an enemy while they're healing up.

The last operator, again on defence, is Ela. She carries Grzmot mines, which can stick to surfaces and stun any enemy that comes near. She's nimble, and so when an enemy is stunned she can close the gap quickly and take them out with her shotgun, SMG or pistol.

Check out the footage of all three, shown off at Gamescom, below (skip to 12:30 to see them in action).

Samuel Horti

Samuel Horti is a long-time freelance writer for PC Gamer based in the UK, who loves RPGs and making long lists of games he'll never have time to play.