Watch pro Dota 2 players take on an AI team

Reigning Dota 2 world champions, OG went up against a virtual AI team in San Francisco this past weekend. You can watch the game above. If you're worried about spoilers, look away now. 

OpenAI is the research organisation behind the fully AI team and has spent the last four years working on an artificial intelligence that can replicate human-level skill in Valve's Dota 2. OpenAI Five lost out at last years World Championships where it failed to defeat the two pro teams it was put up against. 

The hard work paid off though and culminated in success this weekend at the OpenAI Five Finals with the AI winning the first two matches against OG but losing out on the third. 

Practice makes perfect and that's certainly the case with OpenAI Five as the virtual team plays a whopping '180 years’ worth of games every day' as part of its training. Phew!

Thanks, VentureBeat.

Sarah James
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