Watch a speedrunner beat Into the Breach in less than 12 minutes

Our biggest screw-ups from Into the Breach illustrate just how challenging Subset Games' turn-based strategy game can be. Despite this, one speedrunner has beaten the game in under 12 minutes in a breathtaking display of fast fingers and quick wits. Check it out above. 

Competing in the Custom Squad, ANY bracket, speedrunner Darn beats two islands on easy mode to customise the mechs for maximum impact. 

Having only recently picked up the game Alex Wiltshire scored a whopping 93 myself, I cannot get my head around Darn's skill. It often takes me several minutes to execute just one maneuver in Into the Breach—which have led to me wiping out my entire squad more times than I care to admit. Beating the entire game in less time than it takes to cook an oven pizza is astonishing. 

As reported by Kotaku Australia, Darn also holds the Any% Heat Signature world record speedrun. Check out that equally impressive display in full below.

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