Watch a man play Starcraft 2 with a joystick

Starcraft joystick

Starcraft, the most mouse and keyboard game known to man. As much about frantic clicking and precision control as it is about grand strategy. It would be impossible to play any other way, right? Wrong. This video, spotted appropriately enough by Joystiq , shows a man achieving the impossible, playing Starcraft 2 with a joystick. Read on to find out how and more pressingly, why.

It all started at fighting game site Shoruyuken , who launched a contest with the seemingly impossible goal of designing an arcade stick capable of playing Starcraft. The winner, Maurico Romano, netted a cool $1,000, and was challenged to make his creation a reality.

This is the result. Built from an Ultrastick joystick and a network of Sanwa buttons, it's actually recognised as a keyboard by the PC, meaning you can plug it straight to the USB slot and play. There's only one problem, it doesn't have an enter button, meaning you can't type. With no ability to gg, Maurico is likely to be accused of bm.

Seeing as it's a custom made stick, you can't buy one in the shops, but if you think you're up to the challenge you can try and follow his instructions and build you own.