Watch a Call of Duty streamer play Modern Warfare with drums

(Image credit: Activision, Infinity Ward)

For most of us, the choice of what control method to use in an FPS is a binary one: gamepad or mouse and keyboard. Clearly our vision is too narrow. We're limited by tradition, and perhaps fear. But there are still a few brave souls out there asking important questions like, "Should I play Modern Warfare with a drum kit?"

Streamer DeanoBeano has been attempting this very challenge, pitting his drumming skills against Modern Warfare and Warzone players. His drums and cymbals stand in for buttons and triggers, but he can only hit two controls at once, limiting how quickly he can react. 

You can watch his experiment on his Twitch channel, where he manages to get a kill in his first match. He also dies a lot—but no more than I would with a regular controller, so who am I to judge? 

He's also been posting some highlights on Reddit, including this great sniper kill. The drum kit adds a bit more tension and drama to the shootouts, with lives ended by an emphatic and final crash of the cymbal. 

I got a kill on the drums LOL from r/modernwarfare

There were a few things he wanted to achieve on the stream, including getting a win in Warzone's gulag, something he managed to pull off on his very first attempt. It went perfectly, with his opponent walking right into his crosshairs. It was beautiful.

I've now won my first gulag on drums 😂 from r/modernwarfare

So it's possible to play Modern Warfare competently with drums, but what instrument is the ultimate Call of Duty controller? There need to be tests. And lists. It's a whole new SEO vein just waiting to be mined! 

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