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Remember when a Battlefield 1 medic won World War I using only a syringe

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If you played as a Medic in Battlefield 1 and only used the syringe to heal your teammates, then you're doing it all wrong. At least that's what YouTuber It's A Mirage (opens in new tab) thinks, as he prefers to use the revival item for more insidious means.

"Getting 100 kills in a game of Battlefield is impressive, getting 100 kills in a game of Battlefield using only a syringe is breathtaking," Mirage says, before admitting he hasn't done either. Instead, he's collected some "pretty sweet clips" of him using the medical equipment to kill unsuspecting foes. You can see them for yourself in the embed at the top of this article.

Some of Mirage's tips include sneaking up on tank hunters who aren't hunting tanks, pointing and laughing before inserting the syringe, and using teamwork to distract enemies. He also notes that while you can't kill a horse with a syringe, you can make it to do a pretty wicked front flip with some well placed bullets. 

You can check out the rest of his YouTube channel here (opens in new tab).

PC Gamer's Phil Savage reviewed Battlefield 1 (opens in new tab), concluding, "Battlefield 1's little differences mean better infantry combat, a heightened sense of destruction, and a pace that feels more deliberate and tactical. This is no simple rehash and replacement, and, while I appreciate Battlefield 4's sense of scale, for me, Battlefield 1 is the better of the two."