Watch 50 Elite CMDRs make synchronous hyperspace jump

Ifyoulike Elite

When I interviewed the commanders of an unprecedented Elite: Dangerous expedition, people were quick to suppress my enthusiasm. One thousand players are journeying to the edge of the galaxy, documenting every system en route, and I was imagining a glorious hail of blue plasma as a vast fleet jumped from star to star. Turns out the number of players occupying any given instance is limited to a few dozen. But, as it also turns out, 50 players making a simultaneous jump to hyperspace is something to behold.

Erimus One and Dr. Kaii, the Distant Worlds expedition organisers, recorded the prep and the jump itself. The result is straight out of Battlestar Galactica, and, according to the commanders, it sets a number of records: most CMDRs ever at Sagittarius A* (53); most CMDRs ever in a formation (48); most CMDRs ever in an instance (53); and most CMDRs ever in a synchronised jump (50).

The formation alone took an hour of organisation. Worth it.