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Wasteland 2 trailer provides an extended look at combat and menus

Here's a strangely refreshing consequence of Kickstarter's success. If Wasteland 2 had been a publisher-led project, its trailer would likely be a showy affair full of isometric drama, tension and violence. Here, though, that isn't the case. While the trailer InXile have produced does contain some violence, it also features an extended sequence in which someone picks their team's skills. And if that's got your heart racing, you'd better prepare yourself for the unedited inventory management.

The trailer is in celebration of a significant new patch, now available for the game's beta. You can see the full patch notes for that update at the Wasteland 2 blog .

For those of us instead waiting for the full game to release, you'll have to make do with sitting back and dreaming of blood sausages and assignable stat points.

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