Rounding up Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific bugs, glitches and their potential solutions

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Verdansk has been sent to the big battle royale in the sky, and it's now time for us to drop into a new arena of perpetual warfare: Caldera. Those who have purchased Call of Duty: Vanguard have access to the new map a full day early.

While a big multiplayer update and new map are usually cause for celebration, the Pacific update to Warzone seems to have introduced a plethora of glitches and stability issues. Here's a round-up of the problems we and the community have run into so far, as well as what can be done to mitigate their effect on your game.

Warzone Pacific bugs acknowledged by the developers

Warzone developer Raven Software is tracking several of the most common Pacific bugs we're noticing on the game's official Trello board. Each of these bugs are marked with a "Fix scheduled" tag, though the entries don't specify when a fix will come.

Warzone Weapon model bug, aka the polygon explosion glitch (All platforms)

In a reprise of an earlier Warzone bug, picking up certain weapons can result in the gun's model exploding into a jagged polygonal bramble. It's quite a sight to behold, and wouldn't be so bad if it didn't persistently follow the weapon in question, blocking your view and impeding play. 

While I have also observed this glitch happening to the MP40 submachine gun, most of the time it seems tied to the STG44 assault rifle. As of right now the only solution is switching to a different weapon, and it might be worth it to avoid the STG until the issue is patched. Raven has already acknowledged the issue, so a fix should be incoming.

Voice chat not working with crossplay (PC)

Some players are having trouble voice chatting with friends playing on a different platform, which is a huge problem for a team-based game! Raven is working on this one, but in the meantime, there's an easy solution for PC players that seems to do the trick (as first spotted by YouTuber EvilNickel and shared by PCGamesN).

Try this if voice chat isn't working on PC, but be warned this could result in losing your progress in the Modern Warfare campaign:

  • Open your main Documents folder in Windows Explorer
  • Find a file named 'Call of Duty Modern Warfare' and open it
  • Open the 'players' folder
  • Delete everything in the folder except for the 'adv_options' file. This will reset your keybinds
  • Open the 'adv_options' file in Notepad
  • Change the 'ConfigCloudStorageEnabled' value from 0 to 1
  • Save and close the file
  • Launch Warzone, and configure settings to your liking
  • Close the game and open the 'adv_options' file
  • Change the 'ConfigCloudStorageEnabled' value back to 1 from 0
  • Save and close the file

Audio cutting out (All platforms)

PC Gamer's own Morgan Park has had his vibe harshed by this recurring audio glitch. Following multiple reports corroborating this issue, Raven has acknowledged it and a fix is coming. We will update this page once a patch is issued or a user-side fix has been found.

Players earning less XP than they should be (All platforms)

Players are noticing smaller gains from Warzone activities than intended. There's no fix for this one yet, but you can probably bet Raven will issue some sort of XP gift to players affected (double XP tokens, perhaps).

Inconsistent audio levels (All platforms)

Not quite as disruptive as audio cutting out altogether, but some players are also reporting inconsistent audio levels that are causing some noises to be louder than they're meant to be.

LoD loading issue (PlayStation)

We've seen multiple examples of environment textures failing to load in properly, like when you'd swing your camera around in an old Unreal Engine 3 game and everything looked washed out and soupy. When it triggers and the persistence of the issue varies from user to user, with some dropping into the map and it remaining in this state for an entire match, while others will find it localized to certain parts of Caldera.

We haven't run into the issue yet ourselves, and are uncertain if it is also affecting PC players, but some users are reporting that turning off the Texture Streaming feature in the graphics menu resolves the problem.

Warzone Pacific crashing (All platforms)

Most of the complaints of crashing in Warzone Pacific are on PS4 and PS5, but we've seen some complaints of crashing on PC as well. I'm not seeing anything completely out of the ordinary so far, like a widespread crash affecting a category of players.

Crashes can happen for any number of different reasons—if Warzone's new Pacific update is crashing for you, let us know in the comments what you're experiencing.Both of the above players are above minimum spec, and one of them confirmed his drivers were up-to-date and temperatures normal. On PS5 it seems to correlate with the previously-mentioned texture detail issue, but since that one is so widespread it's hard to say if it's related.

Warzone Pacific's launch day woes do exceed the typical threshold for day-one jank, but hopefully Raven will be coming through to address these issues. We'll keep this page updated as fixes and player-side solutions roll in.

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