Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine announced

space marine thumb

It's got a Space Marine in it, he fights Orks, it's a third person shooter, it's being made by Relic, and THQ have confirmed that it's coming to PC. You may now open the envelope marked "excite." We've got some screens and a trailer below, but if you're some sort of Ork-rights activist, you should probably sit down first.

Is it just me, or weren't Bolters more like rapid fire grenade launchers than machine guns in the old rulebooks? As in, they killed you in one hit because they hit you and then exploded? Of course, the tabletop game relied on killing units with one successful hit for balance - I'm sure that'd leave you with nothing to upgrade to in a modern shooter.

We've got info on the game in the new issue, which we'll be mailing to subscribers tomorrow. One interesting nugget of info Tim picked up when he went to see this: there's no cover system, because Space Marines "don't take cover". Right, have some screens.