Wargaming partners with Splash Damage to work on 'brand-new projects'

Last November, Wargaming announced its acquisition of Total War: Arena following Sega's handover. Today, the online free-to-play specialist has partnered with long serving UK developer Splash Damage.    

"Multiple projects" are said to be in the works as a result of the deal, while Wargaming aims to leverage Splash Damage's "vast multiplayer expertise" over time. Despite contributing to last year's Gears of War 4 and 2015's GoW: Ultimate Edition, Splash Damage's last full release was 2014's Dirty Bomb—a game which our Evan appeared pretty fond of

"What impresses me most about Splash Damage is their passion for every project they take on," says Victor Kislyi, the CEO of Wargaming, in a statement. "They’re working incredibly hard to create truly memorable games, won’t stop until everything runs like clockwork, and share in our values of player-focused game design, which makes them just the right partner for Wargaming."

Splash Damage CEO Paul Wedgwood adds: "As gamers, Victor  and I share the same passion for our communities We actively listen to players and strive to put their needs first, whilst forging multiplayer experiences that champion cooperation and help develop new friendships. 

"The Wargaming universe gives our team a great creative canvas, allowing us to develop a game experience for a massive, loyal following, and we’re extremely excited to get started."