Wargame: Red Dragon launch trailer comes out in favour of explosions

More war? Sure. If just tanks aren't your thing, how about tanks, planes, boats and angry, charging men? Wargame: Red Dragon is promising an abundance of ways to show off your military might, and they'll all be available when the game launches tomorrow. As you can see from the launch trailer, about the only thing it's missing is an actual red dragon.

For this latest game in the tactical RTS series, the Cold War is extending out to Asia. As well as a new setting and a promised 650 new units, the series will introduce naval combat for the first time—giving commanders a new unit type to fit into their strategic deployments.

Veteran war man Tim Stone had positive things to say about the series' previous games, European Escalation and AirLand Battle . Hopefully Red Dragon can continue Eugen Systems' streak of engaging, large-scale RTS games.

Phil Savage

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