Warframe's open world Plains of Eidolon confirmed for next week

Earlier this week, Digital Extremes hinted that Warframe's Plains of Eidolon update might be with us sooner than expected. Now, the developer has confirmed it's coming next week. 

And when it does, it'll bring with it the much-anticipated open world 'Open Zone'—a non-procedurally generated, hand-crafted environment said to offer "exploratory daytime activities and towering night-time battles"—as well as new weapons and a new warrior, among others things. 

First, trailer time:

On the warrior front, Gara marks the 34th Warframe who "manipulates glass to fracture the resolve of her enemies", which sounds pretty nasty. In doing so, she uses Shattered Lash, Splinter Storm, Spectrorage, and Mass Vitrify—a series of unique abilities, each of which leverages broken and/or molten glass as a means of attack. 

Weapon-wise our latest hero boasts the explosive slug-shooting Astilla, the punch-packing Volnus, and the glass shuriken-slinging Fusilai. 

Plains of Eidolon also adds a number of reinforcements, cosmetics—"Gara's components can be found in-game, while her Blueprint will arrive in a Quest later this month," so says Digital Extremes—skins, and decorations. Check out the Warframe website for more on that.  

Digital Extremes hasn't set a concrete launch date as yet, but the free-to-play Plains of Eidolon is coming next week.