Warframe's biggest cinematic expansion ever is coming in December

Warframe: The New War was finally revealed in July at TennoCon 2021, but unfortunately the big unveiling came without any sort of release target. Now we have one, and it's actually pretty close: Developer Digital Extremes announced today that the big expansion (which was actually first teased at TennoCon 2018) is set to finally arrive in December.

The New War expansion, the biggest cinematic quest in Warframe's history, will add new playable characters, environments, and threats, as well as the game's 48th unique Warframe. New customization options, weapons, and accessories will also be available, and Digital Extremes also promised that New War will answer "longstanding questions about its bold and intimate story," which based on the teaser looks to be just a wee bit complicated.

Before The New War begins, some old Warframes will return in Prime Resurgence, Warframe's first-ever unvaulting program, which will begin on November 16. Players will have the opportunity to earn a range of Prime Warframes—basically, the game's top-tier power armor—and associated Prime weapons and accessories that have previously been retired from reward drops. 

The resurrected hardware will be available on a rotating weekly basis through the launch of New War in December through a new vendor, Varzia, who will help players recover the dormant Orokin technology using new Aya and Regal Aya resources.

(Image credit: Digital Extremes)

Here's what's in store, and when you can get it:

  • Week 1: November 16 - Mag Prime & Nova Prime
  • Week 2: November 23 - Limbo Prime & Trinity Prime
  • Week 3: November 30 - Mesa Prime & Hydroid Prime
  • Week 4: December 7 - Volt Prime & Loki Prime
  • Week 5: December 14 - Vauban Prime & Ash Prime
  • Week 6: December 21 - Oberon Prime & Nekros Prime
  • Week 7: December 28 - Saryn Prime & Valkyr Prime
  • Week 8: January 4 - Ember Prime & Frost Prime
  • January 11 - Last-chance for Weeks 1-4 content, plus Rhino Prime & Nyx Prime
  • January 18 - Last-chance for Weeks 5-8 content, plus Rhino Prime & Nyx Prime

"Prime Resurgence will bring powerful Prime Warframes to players that participate, and will create an exciting experience for newcomers and Warframe collectors while preparing everyone for the launch of The New War," Digital Extremes chief operating officer Sheldon Carter said.

The teaser above is only a table-setter: The full cinematic trailer for The New War will be revealed during a developer livestream on Twitch set to begin at 7 am PT/10 am ET on November 30, which will also include more reveals, giveaways, and Twitch drops. 

Andy Chalk

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