War of the Roses trailer has chivalry, stabbing

To the soldier who stabs a man in the face three times in this trailer. Just STOP you maniac! He's ALREADY DEAD. The War of the Roses was a brutal scrap for the throne in 15th century England which, in spite of its name, wasn't the least bit romantic. The Tudors stabbed their enemies so hard that they went on to rule for more than a hundred years after its conclusion, which makes it a good setting for some violent multiplayer battles.

War of the Roses will have 60 different weapons and a levelling system which can be used to research new forms of stabbing and there will be "team-based tactical challenges as well as deathmatches for soloists." More importantly, it will let you dress up as a knight and shout noble battle cries into your monitor before storming into melee and mashing men into pulp with an enormous hunk of metal. For the King! It's out in Autumn.

Tom Senior

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