VVVVVV creator outlines plans for 2012, aims to finish multiple "bigger" games


Depending on which hip, new ancient texts you keep up with, you may believe 2012 to be The End Times or some other horrifically depressing happenstance - say, the release year of another Twilight movie. But hey, whether our final moments are swift and painless or conducted entirely by a giant floating Edward Cullen face, at least VVVVVV creator Terry Cavanagh is giving you something to look forward to before that. Or some things , rather.

"This year, I'm not going to start any new projects," Cavanagh resolved on his blog . "These last two years have left me with a number of very promising, incomplete prototypes, and what I'm going to try doing this year instead is focus on finishing these."

The three biggies are "alternate Arizona" RPG Nexus City, a Nexus City spin-off that may serve as an intro to the universe, and "____," a fairly mysterious game that's "not really like anything else" Cavanagh's created. The smaller titles, meanwhile, are Big Hero, Isothingy, Annihilation Game, Not At a Distance, and my personal favorite, KittyRPG. Because I'm one of those annoying people that posts silly videos of cats on the Internet, damn it.

Check out Cavanagh's blog if you're interested. And you pretty much have to be, seeing as VVVVVV is absolutely wonderful. And if you're not? Well, people like you are the reason that Mayan deities and giant Edward Cullen face (may or may not) exist.