Vorp! launches its new Dota-inspired mode


Facebook games are—WAIT, DON'T GO! This one's a cut above the Farmvilles and Mafia Wars you've played before. Vorp! is a top-down space shooter that plays like the lovechild of Asteroids and Geometry Wars. Before today, the game was confined to some high-score singleplayer maps and a rudimentary deathmatch, but the Defense of the Armada mode adds 5v5 MOBA action. And that can only mean one thing—it's time to conquer the galaxy the only way I know how: leveling abilities and ganking unsuspecting pilots.

Choosing from one of four ships (with more options to be released in the future), you can jump into a game right away and get a taste of what Asteroids feels like when it meets colorful graphics and three-lane, creep-wave-pushing gameplay. If you're as much of a noob as I am, I recommend choosing Follado Bokuvski , the sinister Space Vampire, as your pilot. You'll be frail, but his shots automatically leech life from other ships, so you can cruise around dodging missiles and lasers while your firepower does the work for you. But no matter your skills in galactic warfare, this is definitely one of the more impressive Facebook/browser games on the market right now. You can give Vorp! a go by adding it to your Facebook profile , where you can join me in challenging your friends to top your awesome high score or K/D ratio. And look forward to checking out an exclusive look at two of the upcoming pilots/ships in the Oct 2011 issue of PCG US (which, oddly enough, comes out in a little over a month).