Volume developer Mike Bithell is planning two new games


Mike Bithell, the brain behind Thomas Was Alone and Volume, says he's working on two new titles – but they might mark the end of an era. That's according to a new interview over at MCV, where Bithell surveys his career up until now, roughly six months after the launch of the aforementioned Volume.

Asked what he's working on at present, Bithell mentioned both a small and large project, but didn't offer much in the way of details. “I have a smaller project which I think will surprise people by how quickly it comes out,” he said. “It’s something I’ve been fiddling with since the end of Volume, so about six months. A little idea – a few ideas I’ve bashed together, actually.

On the topic of the larger project, Bithell had this to say: “there’s definitely seismic, massive stuff as well which is super exciting and completely secret,” he said. “Volume opened some very cool doors. We were already talking to various people about various things but once Volume came out and sold well and reviewed well, a lot of people became interested in working with us.”

Still, Bithell said the smaller project might mark the end of his coding career. “It’s probably the last thing I’ll code if everything goes to plan, and that’s a horrible thing to say. That’s a quote that some smart ass will throw at me in ten years time when I’m sat in my shed.” You can count on it, Mike.

Of course, not coding doesn't mean "not making games" – those "cool doors" Bithell mentions in relation to the larger project could indicate anything. Indeed, it could mean he'll take a more directorial, less hands-on approach on the next major title. Who knows.

Volume was a beautiful, polished stealth-action game, but according to our Tyler it had a few problems. "[Volume has] fun, not-too-hard stealth puzzles that look great, wrapped up in a humdrum story with a boring protagonist."

Shaun Prescott

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