Voice actor Troy Baker cancels voice NFTs partnership after backlash

Troy Baker
(Image credit: Troy Baker)

It seems like every day now that one celebrity or another is announcing an 'exciting' partnership with an NFT business. Whether that's owning a jpeg of a monkey or actively minting a set of tokens, there are a lot of famous people chasing the crypto game, even in the gaming world.

Voice actor Troy Baker, known for his roles as Joel in The Last of Us, Booker in Bioshock Infinite, and Sam in Uncharted 4, recently tweeted he was involving himself in an NFT project. After backlash and "feedback" he has now announced that he will not be taking part after all.

On Twitter the voice actor has announced that he will no longer be a supporter of the VoiceVerseNFT. He tweeted: "Thank you all for your feedback and patience. After careful consideration, I’ve decided to not continue the partnership with VoiceVerseNFT. Intentions aside, I’ve heard you and apologize for accusing anyone of "hating" just by simply disagreeing with me."

The original announcement was unpopular to put it mildly. It wasn't only that it was an NFT partnership but the particular wording of the tweet was seen as inflammatory. He signed off his original tweet about the NFT project by saying: "We all have a story to tell. You can hate. Or you can create. What’ll it be?" This is what the "hating" comment refers to.

It wasn't only the wider internet's feedback that will have changed the voice actor's mind. Troy is part of a podcast called Play, Watch, Listen alongside other industry professionals. Mike Bithell, Alanah Pearce, and Austin Wintory. The rest of the team is anti-NFT and had a podcast episode dedicated to talking about NFTs with Troy shortly after his tweet. This is probably just a fraction of people who have tried talking to Baker on the subject.

Even though the voice actor has now reconsidered his partnership, there are still other people and companies diving headfirst into NFTs like Team 17's Worms

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