Video series pits Overwatch against Team Fortress 2 again: who will win?

It's Team Overwatch versus Team Fortress 2 in a new showdown video that has the squads squaring off in a brutal fight to the finish. Last year, a YouTuber called The Winglet created a video showcasing their first royal rumble, and now there's a sequel featuring all the new heroes (and tons of jokes, too).

It's another gag reel packed with funny (and surprisingly violent) interactions between the Overwatch and Team Fortress 2 characters. It's hard to pick a favorite moment, but one of mine is probably the moment when a Spy places an Electro-Sapper on Orisa, causing her to turn off, which is accompanied by a Windows 98 shutdown sound effect. Then there's Brigitte rotating her head all the way around, and the shockingly brutal deathmatch between the Medic's and Bastion's birds.

There's a lot of pure slapstick, sure, but also some pretty clever gags about how the two games function. Be sure to stick around to watch the Play of the Game, for instance.

The Winglet creates these shorts in Source Filmmaker, and they're a testament to the power of that software as a creative tool—as well as The Winglet's own directorial vision.