Victoria II: Heart of Darkness expansion released


The second expansion for Paradox's Victorian Era grand strategy sandbox, Heart of Darkness, is now available. Our extensive Q&A covers the details, but if you're just looking for the Cliff's Notes (much as I once was for the novel from which the expansion takes its name), Heart of Darkness focuses on colonization, the scramble for Africa, and a lot of general improvements to just about every major system in play. Put on your favorite monocle and top hat, light a pipe, and check out the launch trailer above.

If you're new to Vicky 2, you can also get the base game, the previous expansion, all the unit pack DLCs, and the original Victoria game on Steam for $10 right now.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll be by the grandfather clock in the drawing room wondering why in the flying heck there isn't a steampunk mod for this game yet.