Vampyr's Darkness Within trailer tells us 'there's always a price'

Vampyr is Dontnod's incoming action-RPG about physician-turned-vampire Jonathan Reid who's set to work in the Spanish flu-ridden streets of Victorian London. Healing open wounds while harbouring a thirst for blood presents quite the moral quandary—which sets the stage for a pretty interesting videogame conceit. We've seen a fair bit of in-game mechanics so far, however the latest story short focuses on its cinematics. 

As posted by the folks at IGN, Darkness Within hears from those on the frontlines battling the plague and hailing Reid as their perceived saviour. "Why a man like him, a well-known physician… would choose to work here," ponders an unnamed woman before trailing off. Better the devil you know and all that, eh

From what we've seen so far, the PC Gamer readership seems divided on Dontnod's vastly different follow-up to Life Is Strange, so let me ask the detractors: does this change your opinion? 

Choice was such an integral part of Life Is Strange, so it's good to know Reid won't be able to ignore his monstrous ways entirely. As Dan Gril relayed after going hands-on in March, choosing who to spare and kill "will affect the story in subsequent days", which sounds interesting. Dan did however struggle with Vampyr's close proximity combat, but it's worth noting this was an early build. 

Vampyr is due at some stage in 2017.