Valve to show 'SteamVR hardware system' at GDC next week

Valve Head

Valve has revealed it will demonstrate new virtual reality hardware at GDC next week.

While Steam's current SteamVR functionality merely provides support for Oculus Rift in the Steam client, the company is now promising "a previously-unannounced SteamVR hardware system" for demonstration next week, according to this announcement. It's also taking bookings for hands-on time with the development kit.

Valve added support for Oculus to the Steam client early last year, but this is the first hint at actual virtual reality hardware from the company. The company is also seeking VR content creators – ironic since Oculus acquired a couple of Valve's best VR specialists last year.

Valve's Michael Abrash revealed in 2013 that the company had a working VR prototype for R&D, without explicitly announcing any plans for an Oculus competitor. Beyond that, Valve's intentions in the virtual reality space have remained ambiguous: the company has added VR compatibility to several games in its back catalogue and, most notably, supported Oculus's headset in Steam.

Oh yeah, and a new refined Steam Controller will also be demonstrated, in addition to more news on Steam's forthcoming living room devices.

Shaun Prescott

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