Oculus VR hires another Valve virtual reality expert

Oculus VR announced that it hired yet another virtual reality expert from Valve, Aaron Nicholls. His new title will be Scientist, presumably working under Chief Scientist Michael Abrash, another Valve virtual reality expert Oculus VR announced it hired last week .

Nicholls joins Oculus VR after four years with Valve, where, according to his LinkedIn profile , he made games and “spent two years researching and implementing virtual reality technology, including a wide range of perceptual and physical considerations necessary for delivering presence in VR.” Before Valve, Nicholls was at Microsoft, where he worked on games such as Gears of War and Halo 3.

“It's been exciting working on VR at Valve,” Nicholls said . “Can't wait to continue working on the future with Atman, Michael, and the Oculus crew tomorrow.”

This is the third high-profile Valve virtual reality expert to join Oculus VR in less than a month. In addition to Nicholls and Abrash, the company also hired Atman Binstock as its Chief Architect in early March . Binstock was one of the lead engineers and driving forces behind Valve's “VR Room” demo shown off at Steam Dev Days.