VA-11 HALL-A has a new trailer and demo

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If the name VA-11 HALL-A sounds familiar, it's probably because we wrote about it last year. "Cyberpunk bartender action" is not a particularly crowded genre, after all. It's back again, and this time comes armed with a new trailer and an updated demo.

In VA-11 HALL-A, you play as Jill. As a bartender, it's your job to serve drinks and listen to customers. As a cyberpunk bartender, your customers are an eclectic array armed with a variety of thoughts and worries about the post-dystopia they live in. You mix drinks, listen to stories, and occasionally meddle in affairs.

It sounds like a great set-up for the delivery of story bites; something games are becoming increasingly deft at. To try the new demo, head over to the game's page. For more information, head to the official site, which, yes, is located at

Note: VA-11 HALL-A is published by Ysbyrd Games, whose business developer, Cassandra Khaw, sometimes freelances for PC Gamer. She is mischievous when drunk.

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