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The 6 most ambitious Fallout mods in development right now

Screenshot of a player with X-03 Enclave Hellfire Power Armor from the Capital Wasteland mod
(Image credit: Capital Wasteland)

The Fallout series has taken players through the post-apocalyptic remains of Washington D.C., Vegas, California, Boston, and the hills of West Virginia, but there are still so many places it hasn't gone. You can’t lie on Miami Beach and get a (radioactive) tan, go up Seattle’s Space Needle, or enjoy the pre-Bethesda Fallouts in full 3D glory. But modders are working to change that.

If you’re a veteran of the Vegas strip, blew up Megaton, and even met all of Fallout 76’s Wastelanders, you're in for a long wait for the next Fallout game. Bethesda is currently focused on Starfield, and The Elder Scrolls 6 will probably be its next project. Unless another studio is secretly enlisted to take on the next Fallout, it's at least a few years away.

Thankfully, the modding community has ambitions beyond funny randomizer mods and guns that fire baseballs (though those are good, too). These expansive mods promise dramatic changes to existing games, including 'total conversions' with their own stories, environments, quests, factions, and music. There are many new adventures to look forward to in The Wasteland, and we’ve highlighted the most ambitious ones below.

Fallout: Cascadia

Time in development: 5+ years
Estimated release date: None
Playable: No

Fallout: Cascadia is a total conversion mod for Fallout 4 set in post-war Seattle. It aims to have new weapons, factions, armor, characters, and its own branching main story. Fallout: Cascadia will take place in 2329, around 40 years after the events of Fallout 4 and over 200 years after Fallout 76. The development team is promising a world "almost twice the size of Fallout 4."

Unfortunately, there’s no set release date for Fallout: Cascadia, and the story doesn’t appear to be finished yet — the team was looking for additional writers as recently as March 2021. Still, the mod’s social media pages and website reveal much work has already been done. Sections of Des Moines, Seattle, Mercer Island, Kent, and Redmond have been added to the game, as well as some original weapons and armor. Fallout: Cascadia even has its own instrumental score.

Even though you can’t play Fallout: Cascadia yet, the team has been releasing some content in the form of independent mods for Fallout 4, including NCR armor and updated Miniguns.

Fallout: Miami

Time in development: 3+ years
Estimated release date: None
Playable: No

Fallout: Miami is one of the most-anticipated Fallout 4 mods right now, set in the ‘Vacation Wasteland’ of former Miami Beach. It will feature two primary factions: the “nomadic, automobile-worshiping” Nuclear Patriots and the Fallout franchise’s favorite baddies, the Enclave. The mod will also have its own ambient soundtrack.

There’s no release date for Fallout Miami yet, but just like with Fallout Cascadia, the team is releasing some smaller components as independent mods (like the quad-barrel shotgun). Unlike some other total conversion mods, Fallout Miami continues the story of the Sole Survivor from Fallout 4, making it more similar to an official DLC.

Fallout: The Frontier

Time in development: 5 years
Release date: January 2021
Playable: Yes

Fallout: The Frontier might be the most significant mod ever released for Fallout: New Vegas, and it's out and playable now. Set in Portland, Oregon, the mod includes three main quest lines, more than 150 new weapons, 24,000 lines of voiced dialogue, moving vehicles, and even space battles.

Screenshot showing a soldier walking in a dimly-lit hallway

(Image credit: Fallout: The Frontier)

The Frontier was released in January 2021 after years of development, but it immediately faced criticism for some story elements and dialogue after one of the mod's developers was found to have posted "animated pedophilic content" online. The mod was delisted as the other developers worked to remove that individual modder's contributions. The team re-organized in February with new contributors, and is currently working on story re-writes and new elements. While you can play Fallout: The Frontier right now, it might be better to wait for future updates.

Fallout 4: New Vegas

Time in development: 3+ years
Estimated release date: None
Playable: No

Fallout 4: New Vegas isn’t exactly a new adventure — it’s a re-imagining of Fallout: New Vegas in Fallout 4. Simply porting the content of New Vegas to Fallout 4’s newer engine would already be ambitious, but the mod’s team is also re-creating most of the game’s art and assets from scratch.

Fallout 4: New Vegas's creators haven't hinted at how far along the project is. Judging by the development time of these other ambitious mods, though, don't expect it to be soon.

Capital Wasteland

Time in development: 4+ years
Estimated release date: None
Playable: Partially

Capital Wasteland is another remaster project, aiming to bring most of Fallout 3’s environments and content to Fallout 4. It might just be the most ambitious Fallout mod currently in development, as the team plans to re-record all of Fallout 3’s approximately 45,000 voice lines, mostly to avoid legal issues with Bethesda. Capital Wasteland also plans to recreate some of Fallout 3’s DLC, including Point Lookout.

There’s no release date yet for the entire mod, but the development team has released almost 20 smaller mods for various weapons, creatures, companions, and workshop items. The scope of the already-released content is much larger than what is available from the other projects on this list, which bodes well for Capital Wasteland making it to the finish line. All that’s left to be released is the complete package.

Fallout 4: Project Arroyo

Time in development: 2+ years
Estimated release date: None
Playable: No

Project Arroyo is still in the early stages of development, with the goal of reimagining Fallout 2 in Fallout 4’s engine. Fallout 2 was an isometric 3D game, so unlike the remaster attempts for New Vegas and Fallout 3, Project Arroyo doesn’t have a fully 3D environment as a template. The team also plans to implement some of Fallout 2’s cut content (such as an Environmental Protection Agency facility) and completely-new locations.

Concept art for a Red Rocket gas station

(Image credit: Fallout 4: Project Arroyo)

Project Arroyo hasn’t published much in-game footage yet, nor any trailers, so a release date is likely far off. Still, the early Fallout games would likely benefit the most from a fully-3D remaster, so Project Arroyo is absolutely worth keeping an eye on.

Corbin Davenport

Corbin is a tech journalist and software developer, based in North Carolina. He plays a lot of Planet Coaster and Fallout.