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Unreal Engine 4 architectural visualisation videos are staggeringly realistic

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Normally when we're stunned into silence by a game engine, it's because its creators have rendered an impossibly complex sci-fi setting (opens in new tab). At the very least, it's a really wrinkled old man's face (opens in new tab). This, to my memory, is the first time it's happened because of a chair.

Over at the Unreal Engine forum, user "koola" (opens in new tab) has been testing out UE4. The results are, to state the obvious, amazingly realistic.

All of the above scenes were rendered at at least 30fps, using an i7-3770 and GTX670. That, of course, is helped by the lack of bullets, soldiermens, zombies or dragons—but nevertheless makes me feel slightly better about the capabilities of my own increasingly engine rig.

Thanks, TechRadar (opens in new tab).

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