Unpacking is a zen puzzle game about neatly filling your home

The only good bit of the nightmarish process of moving house is unpacking everything once you get to your new home. It's just bricks and mortar when you arrive, but then you get to fill it with all your stuff, from mundane pots and pans to treasured trinkets. Unpacking is attempting to capture that oddly satisfying experience, wrapping it up in a zen puzzle game with an endearing aesthetic. 

It seems pretty straightforward—you've got boxes full of your stuff and a room waiting to be neatly filled. Grab items out of the box, put them in the correct place (there's apparently more than one correct place, as it's pretty subjective), tweak them as much as you want and then you pick up the next one. 

There are gifs. Lots of gifs. 

Boxes vanishing into another dimension! Now that would be very handy. But where are they going? Is there a cosmic landfill? Regardless, I could watch them blink away, and the microwave gently being placed on the shelf, forever. 

Unpacking's website is still being put together, so for updates, gifs and screenshots, hop over to Twitter

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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