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You can have kids in Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord

In Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord, you can take a break from besieging castles, pillaging villages and building businesses to start a family. TaleWorlds confirmed the dynasty system back at Gamescom, and now that it’s been implemented in-game, we’re getting our first look

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Players and NPCs can start relationships, knock boots and, ultimately, have children. A baby takes facial features from both parents, plus a bit of randomness, and they’ll eventually grow up, inheriting everything from their parents and carrying on the line. 

It sounds like having a kid comes with a bit of responsibility, too. Who could have known? As they grow older, you can spend time with them, teaching them skills that you’ve learned, moulding them into an adult. If you die, you’ll carry on as your heir.

That’s all TaleWorlds is spilling right now. It sounds promising, though. There are notes of Crusader Kings 2’s dynasty system, and I do love the idea of an RPG that spans generations and multiple protagonists. If I make a complete mess of one life, I can just get my kid to clear the family name.

Fraser Brown
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