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You are the bomb in this explosive free platform game

(Image credit: Noware)

In inventive puzzle-platformer Bombastic, you tend to explode at the slightest prompt. That's because you're the bomb. Sorry, you're a bomb, and exploding is kind of your whole deal.

Unlike most bombs, however, you can survive your explosions, and indeed they're how you'll solve a series of puzzly, platforming stages. Make contact with an orange block (they're the ones with big exclamation marks), and it'll eventually explode, along with any others next to it. Explode near a cannon, meanwhile, and it'll fire. Combine tactical exploding with wall-jumping, portals, and other bits and bobs, and you have a satisfying puzzle game in which you have to destroy all the blocks in each level.

While billed as a demo, there's more here than in a lot of free puzzle games: 30 stages (and with the kind inclusion of a level select). Bombastic is an elegant puzzler with a neat, minimalist aesthetic, and I'll be interested to see how it expands.

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